Backward To Move Forward

Several years ago we moved out to the country on a couple of acres. Realizing the deer population was too great to combat, I’ve moved from flower gardens to forestry. The lot we bought has a lot of structure(highs and lows) and several ideal and less ideal trees. We have numerous Oaks, Maples and Ironwood.Continue reading “Backward To Move Forward”

Holy Week: Thursday

The rhythms of life are soothing for us. Jesus and his disciples were living in a moment of rhythm and tradition. It’s been an interesting week, crowds loving Jesus… pretty normal, Pharisees hating Jesus…pretty normal, the Passover… ahhhh tradition. Much like our family traditions, nothing feels better than that point of gathering. Traditional foods, GrandpaContinue reading “Holy Week: Thursday”

Holy Week Wednesday,Sunday’s Coming

Looking through the things Jesus was recorded as saying on the days leading up to the cross found in Matthew, I’m making no attempt to lay it out what was said on each day, but invite you to be reading Matthew 21-28. Today I am looking at chapters 23-25. Matthew 23 provides a condemnation ofContinue reading “Holy Week Wednesday,Sunday’s Coming”

transpiration [ˌtran(t)spəˈrāSH(ə)n]

Ever buy a lush beautiful plant out of a greenhouse, only to take it home and it looks like it’s dying right in front of your eyes? Transpiration changed. Transpiration is a plant process where water moves from the roots through the plant, then out of the leaves, stems, and flowers. Water is a vitalContinue reading “transpiration [ˌtran(t)spəˈrāSH(ə)n]”