A Journey of the Heart

Heart: a. our blood pumpin’ muscle b. the seat of our emotions. We’ll look at b today. We have a lot of sayings related to the heart… “That kid has a lot of heart.” “Put your heart into it!” “Your breaking my heart.” “Absence makes the heart grow fonder (of someone else).” “A heart ofContinue reading “A Journey of the Heart”

Laughter… the crème de la crème of medicine!!

Laughter: of all the things I miss about having small children in the house, laughter is pretty high on the list. The excitable exuberance, big smiles, dumb jokes told for the 100th time, the tickling and the belly laughter at the table, in the car, wherever… Whenever I was gone for a week as aContinue reading “Laughter… the crème de la crème of medicine!!”