Lasers, Levels, and Plumb Bobs

If you’ve ever taken on a home renovation project, you know the difficulty that comes from what your eyes tell you and what your laser, level, or plumb bob tells you. These items are intriguing to me. Useful tools to tell me what is actually true even if the sight lines lie. My current project,Continue reading “Lasers, Levels, and Plumb Bobs”

Do You See What I See?

“Can the leopard change his spots” is the question asked by Jeremiah. It was intended to be a rhetorical question; the obvious, no need to answer answer is no, a leopard cannot change his spots. In an earlier chapter he makes the comment “Although you wash yourself with lye and use much soap, the stainContinue reading “Do You See What I See?”

Justice for Some, Broken Systems, Righteousness

As a young adult I always wondered why some sports teams always seemed to be successful and others always seemed to falter. Then as part of a Seminary class we started talking about systems, and it really opened my eyes to bigger pictures than I was formerly capable. Systems are everywhere. Every group of peopleContinue reading “Justice for Some, Broken Systems, Righteousness”

ISMS and the many melanin/non-melanin issues

Adam and Eve couldn’t keep from eating the fruit, Cain was jealous of Abel and murdered him, this is the beginning story of humanity and it’s not been much better since. As of today the temptation is to talk about racISM. As the week goes on I will do just that, but for today IContinue reading “ISMS and the many melanin/non-melanin issues”