Pressure and Time

“Geology is the study of pressure and time, that’s all it takes really, pressure and time. That and a huge poster” -Red from Shawshank Redemption

I drive up to work this morning and I notice the drip line from our roof. It has compacted the soil in a significant way. The kind of annoyance that is enough to create a speed dip but not enough to do anything about it. All I could think about is pressure and time. It amazes me the kind of thing that can happen with a simple drip, drip, drip… over time.

In my recent reflection it reminds me of my current state regarding being conformed vs transformed. Conformed is an external pressure, a drip on me over time. Transformed is change that comes from the inside, led by the Spirit, the same root word we use to speak about caterpillars turning into butterflies. As I take a look at what has shaped me recently, I confess it looks more like being conformed than transformed. My angst about the world fueling the grumpy old man inside of me yelling, “Get off my grass! Why’s your music so loud?” It’s easy because it’s a cultural norm to become Statler or Waldorf. I’m beginning to see how an overexposure to the anxiety in our world is creating a hard drip line, impervious and resistant. I don’t want to be hard, cold, filled with argument to combat the times.

But a life transformed through hope over time becomes a very different soil. Sometimes that soil needs some tilling, aeration, or like the gardener…some digging. But the goal is to be good soil so transformation (growth) can happen. I want to be shaped by God alive inside of me.

Pressure and time has created many beautiful things here on earth. Rock formations, gems, grand canyons, agates are all by products of intense conformation. But the human heart is better guided by transformation. As Ezekiel noted, “I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”

Truth, Grace and Time, vs Pressure and Time

In Awe of the GREAT and small


We are not wasted space,

we are temples of a Holy Being

greater than ourselves,

temples to be inhabited and brought to life

-Rich Mullins

The opening picture is a favorite of mine. Me and my granddaughter walking on an adventure. The sweet story she is telling me is concern over the dead tree behind us. Her concerns are real and my ears are open to hear the unthinkable about that poor tree.

This picture represents so much about life for me; a listening ear, a chance for someone to open up about what is on the inside and a chance for both of us to walk, on our own…together. I woud pick her up if the story required it(picture an angry bear behind us), but I am more inclined to help people learn to walk on their own. More importantly to walk on their own with the Lord.

My family often finds themselves in the sanctuary of God’s creation. I pray that I have done well to help my children and now their children, learn that our heart is a temple for a Holy God as well and find joy in having that space bring him honor.

This blog reflects my eagerness to fly, willingness to run, but coming to grips with the greater need of learning how to walk and not be faint, by the grace of God

Terry White, Coach White, Terr-Bear

Truth, Grace, and Time

I have a favorite book and in it is a story of vineyard. In that vineyard is a tree that hasn’t been producing fruit. Vineyards are there for the express purpose of fecundity (fruitfullness). In haste the owner asks the manager to cut down the tree, it’s taking up useful space.

The manager asks for a year, digs up the roots and fertilizes the tree in hopes that something will turn around. You see we all need a little Truth, Grace and Time.

Truth: fruit trees should bear fruit. Truth is, if the part you see isn’t bearing fruit, then the tree has a root problem most likely. There are some truths that will alter the story.

Grace: In the middle of administering the truth, a little grace period is needed. It takes time for systemic change to have it’s affect. Truth and grace. In the end that grace requires time. Time for the tree to get healthy again, time for the roots to stretch out in some new oxygenated, nitrogen rich soil and after two growing seasons of truth, grace, and time…we’ll see.

I live my life to encourage people in movements of growth. That always presents a challenge for us. I hope to do some root work, encourage some grace and allow time and space for God to shape us as he sees fit for hisnamehisfame.