In Awe of the GREAT and small


We are not wasted space,

we are temples of a Holy Being

greater than ourselves,

temples to be inhabited and brought to life

-Rich Mullins

The opening picture is a favorite of mine. Me and my granddaughter walking on an adventure. The sweet story she is telling me is concern over the dead tree behind us. Her concerns are real and my ears are open to hear the unthinkable about that poor tree.

This picture represents so much about life for me; a listening ear, a chance for someone to open up about what is on the inside and a chance for both of us to walk, on our own…together. I woud pick her up if the story required it(picture an angry bear behind us), but I am more inclined to help people learn to walk on their own. More importantly to walk on their own with the Lord.

My family often finds themselves in the sanctuary of God’s creation. I pray that I have done well to help my children and now their children, learn that our heart is a temple for a Holy God as well and find joy in having that space bring him honor.

This blog reflects my eagerness to fly, willingness to run, but coming to grips with the greater need of learning how to walk and not be faint, by the grace of God

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Husband, Father, Pastor, Coach, Designer, Bonsai Dork

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