Terry White, Coach White, Terr-Bear

Truth, Grace, and Time

I have a favorite book and in it is a story of vineyard. In that vineyard is a tree that hasn’t been producing fruit. Vineyards are there for the express purpose of fecundity (fruitfullness). In haste the owner asks the manager to cut down the tree, it’s taking up useful space.

The manager asks for a year, digs up the roots and fertilizes the tree in hopes that something will turn around. You see we all need a little Truth, Grace and Time.

Truth: fruit trees should bear fruit. Truth is, if the part you see isn’t bearing fruit, then the tree has a root problem most likely. There are some truths that will alter the story.

Grace: In the middle of administering the truth, a little grace period is needed. It takes time for systemic change to have it’s affect. Truth and grace. In the end that grace requires time. Time for the tree to get healthy again, time for the roots to stretch out in some new oxygenated, nitrogen rich soil and after two growing seasons of truth, grace, and time…we’ll see.

I live my life to encourage people in movements of growth. That always presents a challenge for us. I hope to do some root work, encourage some grace and allow time and space for God to shape us as he sees fit for hisnamehisfame.

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