In our closing text for sermons flowing through 1 Peter, we find the word dominion. In the context of the times this was written, it’s a pretty awesome reminder and a great way to close out a letter to people, plus the P.S. of 3 more verses.

11 “To Him be the dominion for ever and ever. Amen.”

Instead of the usual definition of dominion, I’ll give you the synonyms; supremacy, dominance, and superiority. To Him be the supremacy, to Him be the dominance, to Him be the superiority; why is that so important in this moment of writing?

Again, trying to remember the time frame of this writing, remembering that this is Peter writing to a church that finds itself in fear of Caesar Nero. Nero who has made Christians public enemy number one after burning Rome and needing to find someone to blame. Nero who finds Christians and burns them at the stake at his backyard parties, binds them and allows them to be eaten alive for sport. In a moment such as this, Christians huddle quietly in their homes praying they don’t get found out.

In a moment like that, the idea of supremacy, superiority and dominion feels a whole lot like it’s owned by a crazed Emperor. It’s a moment where our theology(belief system) crosses our experience of life and we begin to ask questions. 1. Is God good? 2. Does God care? 3. Will God protect/provide? Those questions swirl about in our head and our answer comes out in the swirl of my life. A faith based answer to the questions above differs from a fear based answer to the questions above.

Sunday school is an easy place to answer questions about life. Sunday School offers the chance for mental acknowledgment without any real change in living it out. Life is a very different classroom. In short we answer the question one way in our head and we answer the question another way in our heart. The way we answer it in our heart is the way we live it out. See post

Peter is reminding people that although it seems there is a person, regime, era where supremacy seems to be in the hand of my enemy, it’s not. This is God’s dominion for all ages, his supremacy is second to none. It’s doesn’t mean the harm won’t touch us physically, but it doesn’t have to touch my soul.

I pray that you are experiencing the life giving fruit of God’s dominion in our hearts, lives, relationships, emotions, choices, and our souls.

To Him be the supremacy in all things, Amen

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