Instructions and Shortcuts

Here it is, evidence that someone knows what they are talking about and others, well… not so much. You know when you’re using a snowblower and one shear pin after another bites the dust(snow in this case!!).

After repeated annoyances, I was talked into upgrading the sturdiness of said pin. Well, when you do that, something worse happens, the gear looks like the one above. The shortcut eventually becomes the long cut and eliminates the brevity of the proper instruction.

Not only did the gear strip, but the auger jumped out of its housing and required a weld to resume its usefulness in the world.

Instructions are intended as a blessing to us, a guideline for which our lives will operate much better. The snowblower did have a long run of no shear pin pit stops, but in the end more time, more money, more everything piled on.

God offers us instructions about the how and whys of life. For whatever ways they seem unimportant, there is a time when they will save untold heartache and expense. It’s in those times you feel like I did, what was I thinking? How did the writer of the manual come to know more about this than me??

Why are instructions so difficult? Why is trusting the manual so foreign? Why is the law of gravity so incessant?! The problem often lies in the moment where people know enough about a subject to believe they are right but not know enough about a subject to know they are wrong.

Been there, instructions could be the gift they were intended to be, I’ll give that a try.

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