New Leaf, Old Story

New place = new opportunities. It’s been awhile since I wrote on this blog. Formerly this was a contemplative moment during a pandemic to have a voice while being sequestered. Time moved on and so did I. But maybe what was useful in the past could be useful again.

Being in my new place had afforded me time and space not formerly available. My love of design morphed into designing quilts. My first year was spent tackling the challenges of a new hobby.

In the middle of that year I was educated about the Underground Railroad and the controversy about the use of quilt blocks to communicate messages in plain sight. I began to look at a cross section of these quilts that were mostly uninspiring until I found a picture of the quilt you see here. (The one in the picture here is my copy I reproduced).

The title of the original is called “Into the Light” it was made for a stage production of Underground Railroad stories. Harriet Tubman is an obvious central character and is represented by the lady in yellow leading slaves out of darkness. The movie titled “Harriet” was created in 2019 and I highly recommend it if you want some history.

It’s become a pleasure to create quilts, but it’s was particularly rewarding to tell a worthy story with the use of my time.

There’s nothing better than freedom and nothing worse than being enslaved by people, or by our own doing. The Son has set us free. We hold these truths to be self-evident, well at least to some they were.

With every story of slavery there is a reminder of the battle that exists over our souls. One side wants to unleash us to be everything He imagined and created for us and conversely a slave owner wants to suck all of the marrow out of our bones and rob us of life and joy. Want to make the journey north through fear to joy and life?

Stories are great aren’t they!! Which one will we tell…

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