The Winds of Change

The uneven heating and cooling of our planet is the source of this joy and living on a semi-barren plain, it is a constant reality. Generally speaking, it can be a wearying presence. But sometimes a breeze is an improvement over some stale humidified air.

I woke up this morning to the sounds of a windy day and it reminded me of a couple of old songs from yesteryear. Russ Taff has a song titled “Winds of Change,” reminders that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. The chorus has an odd reminder…”The hands of time go round and round, they don’t slow down when you lose your way”. It makes sense in the larger context of the song, a nostalgic look at the highs and lows of our past with a reminder to not let “the dust blow in your eyes.”

Geoff Moore also has a song titled “Winds of Change.” A little more deep and thoughtful as it refers to tradgedy and the death of a father. I love the chorus, “Winds of change came calling, they hit me without warning, let my foundation be all that remains, everything else was… carried away (Variant: let all we need, be all that remains, everything else be (big musical pause) carried away.)

The wind will do that, carry things away. Today the wind is a huge blessing, it’s carrying away the humidity so the rest of the snow can melt and water can evaporate and move on to rain somewhere else( hopefully a place that needs it). Thank you God for the wind today, it is a blessing.

The Winds of Change, reminds me of a third song by Margaret Becker with the exact opposite title, “Unchanged” Ironically the verses are all about… you guessed it… change. The Railroad Engine that had done it’s work through the wind, the snow, the rain, but now it’s wheels are rusted golden and it’s not on a track, somebody somewhere swore that train would be coming back. BUT, here’s the contrast…

“You(God) remain, unchanged unchanged… Amen

The song continues with the theme of verses speaking about things that change and the chorus reminding us of the big contrast with the God who doesn’t.

I pray that the winds of change will carry away the chaff and leave us with only what is necessary and even the destructive winds that the enemy brings would make room for the blessing God has for us

Enjoying my blustery day.

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