Outside of What I Know

Pear, Pineapple, Maraschino Cherry Butter

So we moved to a new ministry location and a blessed church member gave us a jar of the above, it was a delight! A great combination of texture and flavors and a change up from all the apple butter I’m used to.

The great news was that the church property we live at has two pear trees and this last fall we had a crop big enough to get at least one batch made. The one batch only made about 12 jars so I wasn’t super generous with it, but I did feel compelled to give my 3 children a jar to enjoy.

Eight months later… I visit my kids, I find that the blessed nature of this masterpiece has either been completely untouched or used maybe one time. At this point it’s my personal goal to use it for them and I don’t mind a bit!!

But it does make me wonder… I’m used to the idea that all taste buds aren’t a like. My wife and I have lived in the world of different flavor palates all of our life. But, to not even try it??!!

Regardless of all that, I know that sometimes there are things that lie outside of our comfort zone. Good things that we just need to taste, like a parent forcing some new food on their child, “just try one bite of this ice cream, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.”

We have preconceived notions that keep us from diving headlong into the unknown. All of our choices have a consequence, but sometimes we are wrong about the consequence. Sometimes, the consequence brings us an unexpected beauty, like a flourish of flavor on our tongue that is better than anything we’ve tasted before. Like the recognition that the forgiveness God asked me to offer brought life to my tired soul.

I’m quite certain that the intersection of my life and Gods gifts for me, lives in this point of faith as well. Do I trust that God wants to bring life to my soul? Do I trust that His request of me would bring me to a better physical, emotional, relational, spiritual space than the one I currently know? Do I keep the greatest things of God locked up in a jar in the fridge untouched or do I immerse myself in the gifts He wants to bring me today.

So open up a jar of the new things God wants to bring you today, even if it’s pink and chunky and you aren’t quite sure what it is. God knows how to give good gifts to His children. If you ask for bread would He give you a stone? I’m convinced that our trust of Him does not disappoint.

Like the advice to Mikey in the old “Life” cereal commercial…

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